Next year will I will be teaching 3rd grade along with Tammy Smith. We also will be sharing another position as well, resource. It will be an exciting year.

Favorite Web 2.0 Tools

Here is a list of some of my favorite web 2.0 tools.
  • Blogger-only for personal use
  • Lori4kids Wiki
  • Wikispaces for Teachers
  • VoiceThread My voice thread
  • Flickr-I love this and will definitely use for school and personal use.

Web 2.0 Integration Project

I would like to integrate either wiki or a blogsite for student of the week. The children could type in information about themselves and then we could scan in picture that they bring. By the end of the year we would have the whole class on our personal site.


The purpose of the project would be to allow the children to share student of the week with parents and other students in the class, not just post it in the room. Since some parents do not always make it into the room, this would be a way to share what their children are doing.


3rd grade parents and students.


1) convey ideas to a variety of audiences using publishing, multi-media, and communications tools;
2) use communications technology to exchange ideas and information; and
3) use technology to explore new and innovative methods for interaction with


I would like the students to become more familiar with computers and technology.


I will need to secure permission to publish forms I need to address before starting the project.
I would like to have the children download pictures and write their own sections.