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Web 2.0 Integration Project

My project will be a blog site for my AP class next year. I will ask students to post one piece of artwork every two weeks for students in the class to critique.


The purpose of this project is to get art students to discuss their own work and the work of their class mates. Since the AP class is usually combined with other advanced classes it is difficult to have critiques with this group alone. This will also provide the students with hard deadlines and a goal to complete work in a timely manner.


The audience for this project is North Pole High School students enrolled in AP Studio Art-Drawing and AP Studio Art 2-D Design.

Essential Questions

How can students make informed judgments about their own artwork and the artwork of others using critical thinking skills practiced in the art critique process: describing, analyzing, interpreting and judging?
How will this critiquing process improve the quality of the artwork produced by the students in terms of content and mastery skills, by increasing reflection, revision, and refinement of ideas and products?
How will discussing artwork help students develop a richer understanding of the artistic process, creativity and problem-solving?


Technology Standards:
Use technology responsibly and understand its impact on individuals and society.
  1. discriminate between responsible and irresponsible uses of technology
  2. demonstrate ethical and legal behavior regarding intellectual property
  3. evaluate ways that technology impacts culture and the environment;
  4. integrate the use of technology into daily living; and
  5. recognize the implications of emerging technologies.

Operate Technology-based tools:
  1. Use technology tools for learning, communications, and productivity:
  2. Use local and world-wide networks
  3. Use technology to express ideas and exchange information.
  4. Convey ideas to a variety of audiences using publishing, multi-media, and communication tools
  5. use communications technology to exchange ideas and information and use technology to explore new and innovative methods for interaction with others.
Alaska Art Standards:*
Create and perform in the arts.
  1. participate in visual arts, and create writing;
  2. refine artistic skills and develop self-discipline through rehearsal, practice, and revision;
  3. appropriately use new and traditional materials, tools, techniques, and processes in the arts;
  4. demonstrate the creativity and imagination necessary for innovative thinking and problem solving
Critique my art and the art of others
  1. know the criteria used to evaluate the arts; these may include craftsmanship, function, organization, originality, technique,and theme;
  2. examine historical and contemporary works of art, the works of peers, and the student's own works as follows:
  3. accept and offer constructive criticism;
  4. recognize and consider an individual's artistic expression;
  5. exhibit appropriate audience skills
Understand the historical and contemporary role of the arts in Alaska, the nation, and the world
  1. investigate the relationships among the arts and the individual, the society, and the environment;
  2. recognize universal themes in the arts such as love, war, childhood, and community;
Recognize beauty and meaning through the arts in my life.
  1. make statements about the significance of the arts and beauty in the student's life;
  2. discuss what makes an object or performance a work of art
  3. listen to another individual's beliefs about a work of art and consider the individual's reason for holding those beliefs;
  4. recognize that people connect many aspects of life through the arts;
  5. make artistic choices in everyday living.

Thinking Skills

This project encourages students to use critical thinking skills, self-reflection and problem-solving skills.


Students will be able to reflectively analyze, interpret and evaluate their own work and the work of others.


Every two weeks students will be expected to upload a digital image of their own artwork and write a reflective evaluation of the the intent, content, media techniques, originality and craftsmanship of the artwork they submit. Each student is expected to add one comment for each of the artworks submitted. These comments should relate to the previously mentioned criteria and should be substantiated by specific content of the artwork. Teacher will provide open-ended questions for discussion and students will respond with a comment to the blog site.


Students will be assessed with a simple five question rubric and evaluated on the following:
1. the presentation of the artwork on time bi-weekly,
2 .reflective written comments on their own work
3. responses to the work of other students,
4. effective use of the art criticism process, especially focused on analysis and interpretation.
5. growth and development of critical thinking through this assignment

Links to Project Resources

Talking About Student Art, Terry Barrett, Davis Publications, Inc.,1997