I have taught Spanish out at Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High School for 13 years. I plan to retire this year--it's my 20th--and I hope to so that get a full time staff job up at UAF so that my boys could get free tuition. But I'm not totally ready to give up teaching. I hope to get a part-time adjunct lecturer job in Spanish up at UAF in the evenings. I am trying to get my National Boards before I retire this year so that I could easily teach in other states or in DOD schools down the road. I really like using technology when I get a chance to master it first. I like techie stuff. But I have also been royally burned this year for lack of tech support. I'm looking at this now to figure out some of these 2.0 tools I was introduced to at the foreign language national convention last fall, but didn't master. I want to get a handle on them--how to use them, WHAT THEY ARE GOOD FOR, and if I would use them in one last project with my high school students this spring or possible use at the university next fall.


Start a districtwide, possibly statewide, world language teacher resource wiki. Too many of us are stranded in different buildings. Think of what great teaching ideas we could share. The question becomes: which wiki? Need to ask John before class ends. Why did West Valley choose a different one from Eielson? Which one should I choose for a districtwide or statewide wiki?

Do a voice threads project instead of a powerpoint project describing their childhoods in the two past tenses with my students in Spanish 2. Actually, we started today at the end of the period with playing the demos. But I haven't written out all my stuff below! Should I

I have started an iGoogle and want to organize it into tabs.

I want to explore delicious and digg and dngo. I need to find out what the connections could/should be between delicious and the world language teacher resource wiki...

Favorite Web 2.0 Tools

WIKIs are easy websites to slap up for group projects. Wikis are the best for joint work. My favorite use so far is for group trip planning. It is easy to drag pictures into your Wiki and resize them, but it is a pain to paste media and other files into it, especially as the site grows. It is fairly easy to embed ("channel") public media files (youtube, etc.) Unfortunately, most of those sites are still blocked in the school district, even if embedded.

BLOGS I might try to use these with my Spanish 3/4 students. I haven't figured out how I really want to use these in class. I haven't done anything with a BLOG that I started for my Spanish classes at Eielson at (private) I convinced my sister in England to start one to keep us updated and so far my favorite use of blogs is reading other people's, especially hers (private) at Lately I have been reading the blogs of many TEFL teachers overseas trying to see if this is something that I would want to do for myself (I SO want to go to China). I find it to blogs to be wonderful sources of travel/life/culture.

  • I am just now starting to do Voice Threads with my Spanish 2 students instead of a Powerpoint presentation. The main advantage I see so far is that it is in a format that the kids can prepare their speaking part ahead of time. I can really work on pronunciation and speed with some of them.

FLICKR I already used this to store and organize all of the pictures taken by four different cameras last summer when my grandparents, nephew, and sons took while in Japan. I opened a full size account to hold over 1000 pics. I like it as yet another backup. It is set to private

IGOOGLE - I started an iGoogle and still need to organize it all into tabs.

DELICIOUS/DNGO/DIGG - I still need to explore and Social bookmarks Delicious, Dngo, Digg
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Voice Threads to describe your childhood using both past tenses in late Spanish 2


To have students describe their childhoods using both the preterite and imperfect tenses in Spanish correctly with good pronunciation (audio commentary).


Spanish 2, usually grades 10-12.

Essential Questions


Thinking Skills


Students will improve their pronunciation and speed in speaking Spanish. Students will become more adept at choosing between the preterite and imperfect. Students will write 30-50 sentences, I will help them edit, and the students will record themselves saying those series of sentences for their voice threads. I will grade them on accuracy and depth and pronunciation and speed. I think I should also include specifics like requiring both audio and text commentary. Should the text and audio be identical to aid in comprehension for their peers? But they are sequential and not at the same time....Should I require them to leave audio or text commentary in Spanish on others' presentations? Should I require them to upload a recent picture or icon to represent them to others? Should I require them to invite all of the other students in the class? Should I have them present to the whole group or should we go to the lab and just explore each other's work....Should I require them to doodle once? What should my techie requirements be? They already have 10 baby pictures scanned and uploaded to filé. They are starting to write their narration in Spanish and I am editing it.

Activities LORI - can I see your flowchart for ideas?

Assessment JOHN - how can I save a student voice thread from their accounts to my voice thread account?

They will present their voice threads to the class. I want to be able to evaluate them later at a slower pace. Should I have them invite me? Should I get the pro account and have each student archive it for me? Can you only archive your own voice threads?

Links to Project Resources - JOHN - help in interpreting permissions to publish

I have permissions to publish first name and photos of all students and that they can participate in videoconferences but these students are showing private family pictures and talking about more than just their name. What is covered by the district permission to publish "first name" and "photo". Our permission to publish is inadequate for these Web 2.0 things.

Below is my model one that I used to have on powerpoint...I have only added audio commentary and written commentary to the first image.