My name is Joanne Gilman. I teach 8th Grade math and Algebra I at Tanana Middle School. I have been teaching in the district for 10 years.

Favorite Web 2.0 Tools

Here is a list of some of my favorite web 2.0 tools.
  • Blogger
  • VoiceThread

Web 2.0 Integration Project

I am going to use my document camera to video parts of lessons to upload to the web for others to access.


I want students and parents to be able to have access to learning what we are doing in class when I am not available to them. If a student is absent, if a student still doesn't understand, or if a parent doesn't understand, they now have another avenue to learn what is happening in class.


My project is for students in my Math 8 and Algebra I. It is also targeted towards parents or anyone else who want to view it.

Essential Questions

How easy will it be to create my videos?
How much time wiil it take to create?
How easy will it be to access my videos?
How useful will it be for people to follow?
How much space will my videos take up?
How many videos can I put up at once?


Alaska Math Standards
Depends on the video being done. This should filter through all of the math standards throughout the year.

Alaska Technology Standards
1) convey ideas to a variety of audiences using publishing, multi-media, and communications tools;
2) use communications technology to exchange ideas and information; and
3) use technology to explore new and innovative methods for interaction with

Thinking Skills

What are some of the higher order thinking skills that this project encourages students to develop?


What do you expect students to learn and do as a result of this project? What skills do you expect students to develop?


What are the procedures will be followed? What tasks will students complete to accomplish the project's objectives?
Are there any preliminary steps such as securing permission to publish forms that you need to address before starting the project.


What is your assessment plan. How do you plan to assess students' contributions, performance, and accomplishment of the project's objectives.

Links to Project Resources

What are resources that will be useful in accomplishing the project? If the project is to be published and made public, you may want to include a link to the project.