Capturing a Screenshot with Windows XP

  1. Open the window that you would like to capture.
  2. To capture just the current window, hold down the "ALT" button and "PRINT SCREEN" button. Nothing will appear to happen, but you just saved an image of the window to your clipboard. (If you press the PRINT SCREEN button instead of ALT+PRINT SCREEN, you will save an image of the entire desktop to your clipboard.)
  3. You can now open a program and paste the picture into it.
  4. To save it as a picture, you can open Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint) or your favorite image editing programe and choose "Paste" from the edit menu.
  5. To save the image in JPG format in Paint, choose File > Save As. Select JPEG from the files of type and give it a name ending with ".jpg"

Capturing a Screenshot with Mac OSX Leopard

  1. To capture an area of the screen in Mac OSX, hold down Shift+Command+4 keys.
  2. You cursor pointer will change to a crosshair icon.
  3. Click and Drag your mouse to draw a rectangle around the area of your screen that you want to capture.
  4. When you release the mouse, you will hear a click like a camera shutter if your speakers are on.
  5. A new picture will be created on your desktop. It will be in either Picture1.jpg or Picture1.png depending on your operating system version and settings. (each new picture will have a different number.)
  6. You can drag the picture into your favorite program to paste it or edit it. iPhoto is probably the easiest editor. Clicking the picture will usually open it in Preview as a default viewer.