This past year I returned back to work full time, after being a stay at home mom for sixteen years. I worked as a Title 1 building sub, where I had a variety of jobs. When needed, I filled in as a standard sub. The rest of the time, I had a specific tutoring schedule, and had a group of kids at every grade level, K-6th. In some classes, I worked with the same group every day (my second grade advanced reading and math groups), some groups I worked on a specific skill and changed students and topics every few weeks,and some were different every day, depending on the way each individual teacher chose to use their scheduled time slot. I also taught a weekly Science Club during lunchtime. I have not decided yet if I want to return as a building sub next year, or simply be a general district sub. My ultimate goal is to be hired as a teacher. In my project for this class, I'll try to address two scenarios- continuing as a building sub and ideas I would like to try out if I were to get my own classroom.

2.0 Tools

Here is a list of some of my favorite web 2.0 tools.
  • Blogger
  • Wikispaces for Teachers
  • VoiceThread and Flicker

Web 2.0 Integration Project

There are several things I would like to try.
Science Club blog site. I could make a site (linked to the school site?) where the students could talk about the activity we did
each week, maybe discussing or responding to questions about what scientific principles we used in our exepriments,
why we had the results we had, etc. It could also be used to just share what we did with other students.

Reading Groups-We could use Flickr to find pictures to create stories, or to illustrate stories we have already read, or to illustrate some concept. It could be combined with voice threads. Students could tell a story, listen to it, then write it.

RTI Groups(Tutoring)- Maybe we could have a help blog site, where students could ask questions about their schoolwork, and they could help each other.

Other ideas-I love Flickr/google earth combo. It could be used to review history(label map), create an interactive periodic table with links to more information, label human body parts, and their uses, etc.


Overall, I want to entice students to write more, and the Web tools are a way to encourage that in a new way, that might be more appealing to them.


Who is the intended audience for this project? Students of varying ages, abilities and grade levels

Concerns--I am a little concerned that many of my Hunter students don't have computer access outside of school (Many don't even have phones),so whatever I do will need to be able to done in class or in the computer lab.